Week 22a – The Haircut

I went in to get my haircut this afternoon and the normal person that cuts my hair was not in today. I am in the habit of having the same couple of people cut my hair all the time for the past few years.

So, the haircut begins and this new guy is all over the place with the shears, down, over, left, right and I’m thinking “Oh my God!”  It felt like a disaster was going on up there! To top it off,  the usual people that cut my hair are female. This was no feminine cut. The new person was male and he cut my hair like the Brawny Lumberjack… pushing my head, left, right, up and down treating me very rough. Again, I’m thinking oh no! What in the world is going on here?

He was moving my head around with his hands,  the shears were just snipping and buzzing all over the place!  He was spinning that chair around with his feet… pumping it up and down,  lowering it and raising it so he could reach the various parts of my head and I was thinking to myself this is going to be trouble!

He turned me around, put me in front of the mirror to take a look and I thought oh my God! This is a disaster. Not GOOD! At that very moment he pulled out his shears again he went over my head like a fine sushi chef creating a beautiful work of art! I went through the process one more time then he spun me around in front of the mirror, he looked it over and he was not happy with what he had done so he started the process all over again. All the while I am thinking to myself that this is probably going to be the worst haircut that I’ve ever had and I am going to have to come back tomorrow to have one of the regulars cut my hair because this is not going to work for me!

When he finally completed he spun me around in front of the mirror and to my complete and utter amazement he had done a beautiful job.

Why do I bring the story up? Because, I believe that this is what we are doing in the MKE. We are creating manifesting and changing our worlds. We are creating and manifesting and then deciding whether or not it is what we wanted or should we create something new because this is not exactly what I thought it was going to be. We keep creating until we get it exactly the way we want it and then turn around in the mirror and take a look just like the person that cut my hair did.

I think I have a new person that cuts my hair every other week!


2 thoughts on “Week 22a – The Haircut

  1. amandapedromkmma

    You had me laughing as I pictured a haircut like the Brawny guy!!! I could just imagine the chair going up and down and you spinning around! You are totally right on about having to make so many revisions when things aren’t quite right. Just like your new hair guy, we have to keep adjusting until it is right! In the end, we might just realize that it was even better than we could have ever imagined!



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