Week 20-Being comforable with the uncomfortable – Part 2

When I look back at the times I was most uncomfortable or living in chaos it appears to me that these were the times that I actually performed at my highest levels. I was definitely more creative. I was living in the moment.

Success is a very bad teacher. I can think that in my most successful time periods that I actually became arrogant, slothful and lazy. It wasn’t until success started to disappear that I actually gained my edge again.

In looking at using my emotions as a tool for success I find that it’s a bit dichotomous for me. Anger, for me is the best tool for success. The difficult thing for me to come to terms with is that anger is not a place of comfort for me. So, when I am in this state of anger even though it helps me push through situations that I need to push through I feel guilty afterwards because I make it a moral issue for myself and make myself bad and wrong for it. Thus, I avoid using anger as my success tool. I feel guilty even discussing it in a blog.

I am definitely open for suggestions….


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