Week 19 -Comfort or Growth?

So many changes! The universe continues to call.  My work is extremely chaotic at the moment. I am living in an extreme world of extreme uncertainty! I have been contemplating the thought of living comfortably being out of control as a form of control. Living my life as being comfortable in a state of being of uncomfortable.

This is sort of like playing a mind trick on myself. Living in the context of being comfortable with being uncomfortable appears at this point as the only way for me to cope with the chaos surrounding me.

Being comfortable in the state of discomfort…What a way to grow!


3 thoughts on “Week 19 -Comfort or Growth?

  1. fawnc

    Hey Kevin!! Keeping on keeping on!! Great for you!! “Being comfortable in the state of discomfort…What a way to grow!” and huge growing you’re doing, my friend! We missed your presence on the call. Hope you can be with us next time! thinking of you and sending lots of light and love

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  2. Kevin S Post author

    Thank you Fawn. No excuses I just got caught up in my circumstances and when I realized the time I had missed the call. I really missed you all and I will be on the next one.



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