Week 23 – Law of Least Effort

The Law of Least Effort.
Applying the law of least effort means living each day with:


Being a business owner, I have found myself in a number of confrontations over the course of the last week and have found these practices very helpful. Particularly using the practices from defenselessness. It has been fun and has brought me peace in not having to defend my point of view. I have also been able to just be with a person and attempt to sit in their shoes as they explained to me their particular position. It was peaceful and harmonious.


I really like the context in which Mark J described the end of the course being a commencement and that it is actually a new beginning. I thought back to when I graduated from college and realized that I had learned a number of things but as Haanel states… you will not learn these principals in six days, six weeks or even 6 months…. These are practices that you will take out into your life with you just like when I was in college and learned basic principles but actually had no idea how to apply them. I can now take these principles into my life, expand them and over time become a master of the principles. Similar to the way that I have become with running my business over the years of trial and error. I have become the business owner that I am by doing it. Practice, practice, practice and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Really looking forward to a commencement.

Week 22a – Letting go

The answers are all around me but the answers come from within me. I have not been willing to let go. Like a child holding on to the side of a pool at the deep end afraid to push out and believe that I can swim for myself. All fear based.

I have had a pretty great life. I’ve done more and experienced more than most people will do in a lifetime and I’m not even halfway through it if I’m lucky but I haven’t had that deep rich sense of happiness and have been searching for that for quite some time. It’s because I have believed that the world without would bring me the satisfaction that I am looking for. I know that most of you have already discovered this. I’ve been told that I am a bit of a hard headed so it takes the time that it takes for this discovery.

I have heard it said that “Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die to get there.” I’m ready to figuratively die and let it all go.

I give, I surrender.

Week 22 – Changes

Changes are here. My hero’s journey mostly revolves around control and letting go of it. My earliest memories of attempting to control actually were in kindergarten for me. I can recall having to use the restroom and went up to my kindergarten teacher and asked if I could use the restroom because I had to go very badly. She said no and that I would have to wait until lunch time in order to use it. I can remember being very angry with her because obviously, I had to use it and use it now. So, I walked back to my desk, sat down and thought about it for a moment. In that moment, I chose to go ahead and let it go. I went number one in my pants. After all, I did not constantly ask to use the restroom. I did not frivolously ask to leave the room. So in my little five year old mind I was going to show her who was in control. I really didn’t think about it in quite those terms but I knew I was going to have my way about going to the bathroom one way or another. From that point on I was a total control freak regarding myself and my life. No one was going to tell me what to do. No one was going to control my life. I have been arrogant, self-centered and that has left me isolated and lonely at times. Please don’t misunderstand the control issues still pop up and I realize it faster than I used to.
My days are different now. Control issues, worry and anxiety still creep into my consciousness however, I recognize it and just keep repeating to myself that it’s just those little control issues popping up into my little brain. I recognize them for what they are and I just go about my life.

I’m stepping into that part of the hero’s journey that I have to do solely on my own. This is the place that I’ve been avoiding my entire life.

Week 21 – Vacation

UtahI am on vacation in Utah snowboarding with two childhood friends. The weather is simply perfect for this activity. The skies are a deep beautiful blue and although the area hasn’t had the amount of snowfall that normally occurs the mountains are gorgeous

I was 36 years old when I learned to snowboard. I’m fairly athletic and had been snow skiing for about 20 years. One of my friends thought it may be a great idea to learn. I was reluctant at first because I didn’t want to “waste” my vacation learning something I may not like. I went for it. My first day on that snowboard was the last day I have been on a pair of snow skis. I loved it that much.

I took the never ever class which meant that I was with a bunch of 4 and 5 years olds learning how to do this. What a treat watching these fearless children fall, cry, get back up and finally learn how to board. I felt like crying myself after a couple of the more hard core wipe outs.

The point of this background information is that I can apply this experience to the MKMMA experience.

Today was my first day on the mountain in a year and as soon as I started boarding down the mountain I picked up right where I left off the year before. I literally turned the muscle memory movements over to the subconscious and cruised on down. As I cruised on down the hill it occurred without my thinking about my movements. Heel, toe, heel, toe all happening without thought. Then the conscious mind kicks in. Obstacle in front of me move to the right then left.

Why can’t I take this example and R2A2 this into my life? Well, I have through all of the exercises and practices from the MKMMA.

Practicing kindness weekly. It’s just happening from me and to me.

Giving without the expectation of reciprocity. Again, to me and from me.

Love. Yep, both ways. You get the point.

Life seems to cruise right along when you trust the Universal Mind.

Week 20 – Using emotions as a tool.

When I look back at the times I was most uncomfortable or living in chaos it appears to me that these were the times that I actually performed at my highest levels. I was definitely more creative. I was living in the moment.

Success is a very bad teacher. I can think that in my most successful time periods that I actually became arrogant, slothful and lazy. It wasn’t until success started to disappear that I actually gained my edge again.

In looking at using my emotions as a tool for success I find that it’s a bit dichotomous for me. Anger, for me is the best tool for success. The difficult thing for me to come to terms with is that anger is not a place of comfort for me. So, when I am in this state of anger even though it helps me push through situations that I need to push through I feel guilty afterwards because I make it a moral issue for myself and make myself bad and wrong for it. Thus, I avoid using anger as my success tool. I feel guilty even discussing it in a blog.

Week 19 – World within systems check

I have several people that I mastermind with regarding this class. My wife, a group of 5 people and a person currently in the course.I really listen to each one of my “partners” with regard to their each individual experiences with the Master Key and with my way of being. I especially listen very closely with regard to their experiences in communicating with me.
I am the captain of the U.S.S Kevin Schaedler and this captain, like the captain of a true battleship, must rely on those surrounding him/her to listen to the status of the vessel. If there are any dangers ahead, are the systems operating correctly or is the ship on the correct course?
Yesterday and then again this morning my wife has called to my attention two separate instances where the context of the information that was coming out of my mouth did not match up with the tone of delivery. So, as any captain would do, I ran a systems check on myself to see if there were any warning signs I may have missed. A kind of systems check of the things “I didn’t know that I didn’t know were going on about myself”.
I looked at the past weeks homework assignments. Did I do everything as designed by the “Generals” (Mark/Davene and the crew) I would have to say I did not. On Thursday I decided to do it my way (Yes, I’m a control freak) and instead of read the press release and sit as directed I did the assignment the way I had been doing the previous days. I then decided I didn’t feel like doing my blog and having it completed before the deadline.

So, to bring this sweet little tale to the point. This week the cash flow in my business has been very tight. I know the money is coming just not fast enough. The thing that usually happens to me though is that I worry about it and get scared that I won’t be able to pay the employees and vendors. When I get scared I get defensive and then I get irritable. Fortunately for me, I have wonderful people around me to support me when this occurs.
I have made the appropriate navigational adjustments to my personal well being and brought this ship back on course.

Week 18 – Random Thoughts

I am sitting here contemplating what I want to write for my blog and I am going over the events of the past week……

Relationships – My conversations with people occur to me as much richer, deeper and fuller. Love is very apparent and all around me. I am deliciously saturated in kindness by those I know and those I observe from afar.

Spiritual / The world within – My meditations are becoming more like conversations. The 15 minutes fly by before I know it. The practice is fun and it’s now one of the most satisfying parts of my day.

The world without – The design of architecture, automobiles and nature are wondrous. I was driving to work on Tuesday morning and observed the intricacies of the masonry on a home at a stop sign. The design of the roads and interstates to my office from my home implemented by human beings working in harmony.

I am R2A2’ing so much of the everyday occurrences and relating them to lesson’s in the Master Key. (Not really trying to do this the relationships just pop into my head)

This is becoming very difficult to articulate and somewhat frightening because the things that I am asking for are starting to show up. As Haanel has stated “….I need to take it…” because I deserve it.